Different types of Foosball Balls

If you want to enjoy a competitive foosball game, you need the best foosball balls.

There are different brands are available in the market that are producing different balls. They come in various sizes and made of different materials.

If you are new to the foosball, you need to adjust with the balls. The materials of foosball table balls affect your gameplay. You should choose your foosballs according to your playing style. The players who are used to play the 1-man goalie system, they do not prefer the balls that are too fast.

In this article, I will discuss foosball table balls and you will definitely find a specific idea of what to choose and what to avoid for improving your skills.

Different Types of Foosball Balls Review

You will find numerous foosball balls which are based on the special table surface and different gaming style. Almost every foosball table comes with its own balls which do not long last at the maximum time. They are normally made of cheap materials which affect your gameplay. If you want to improve your skills, you need to choose quality balls that are made from high-quality materials.



Traditional Foosball Balls

These type of foosball table balls look like real soccer balls-black and white. Traditional foosball table balls come with the cheaper foosball table having a green field and white markings at most of the time. They are not made for any special table and playing style. They are made with hard plastic and they also have embedded black parts for the soccer design. If you play with these balls, you will find loud noise.

Smooth Foosball Balls

They are plain white balls and better than traditional soccer balls. Actually, they are not the best pick for good foosball games. You will find better options on the market. You can hardly stop these balls on the playfield. It is very difficult to hole the ball with the foosball players and you will hardly apply any trick with the ball. But you can also play with this option but we will find the best option.



Cork Foosball Balls

These balls are totally different from the first two options. Most European foosball table comes with cork foosball balls. They are made for specific playing style. The players who love to develop their skills and great ball control rather than a fast-paced game love these cork balls. You can easily stop and implement your foosball skills with these cork balls.

foosball balls

Textured Foosball Balls

Textured foosball balls are for the American style. American style is a fast-paced gaming style which wants to score only. Textured foosball balls are between the cork and smooth foosball table balls.  You will easily control the ball and enjoy a fast-paced game. These type of balls are very popular in the USA and mostly used in tournaments.

Moreover, there are some foosball balls approved by ITSF. The ITSf approved balls are easy to recognize and most of them are made by ITSF approved foosball table brands which suit professional tournaments.




If you want to improve your gaming skill, you need to choose the right one. I have mentioned above what kind of balls are not good for better skills. As they are not expensive, you can purchase some set of foosball balls to keep in your stock.