What is Badminton & Its History

Badminton is a sport that is little known in the world, many people tend to relate it to other sports, however, it is a different activity with a dynamic very similar to tennis but that has its own game, regulations and techniques, it is an Olympic sports discipline where face two players or they can be two pairs, both teams will be located on the sides of a court that right in the middle of it will be a network, which will divide the space.

What is Badminton?

The players will use a racket that will serve to hit the shuttlecock(equipment of the game) so that it can surpass the net and fall in rival territory, with the aim of scoring points, it is worth noting that the point will be valid when the shuttle touches the ground. It is important to know that Badminton does not use balls like other racquet sports, but a shuttle that is an open cone-shaped implement that also has sixteen feathers around a cork base which is covered with a leather-covered surface. The steering wheel is also known as a pen or trigger.

what is badminton

The practitioner of this high-performance physical activity must have a good resistance, since it is a very fast sport and athletes who wish to practice it at a professional level must have an aerobic endurance, complemented by strength and speed, as well as having a domain of the racket and have a technical capacity where mental and physical coordination are on par.

Badminton is one of the least popular sports in much of the world however it is practiced in very specific countries and that are great power such is the case of: Indonesia, Malaysia, China, Denmark, South Korea and England in the same way Europe has been having a quite important increase in the badminton practice, since its effort to perfect the techniques and speed is visible.

It is a game that does not discriminate gender, can be played in four modalities individually male or female, in male partners or female partners and also mixed, that is, male and female. All you need to have the best badminton racket, badminton shoes and shuttlecock to start playing the game.

A match is composed of three games, being a match to the best of three this means that whoever wins in the first two games wins. It aims to get the 21 points first before the rival team of the game does. If it were the case that both reach 29 x 29 points who scored first point 30 is the winner.

The game starts when the referee throws the coin up to know how to choose between the service to the winner and the field.

History of Badminton

history of badminton

This sports discipline dates back to the nineteenth century, where it emerged was in Asia exactly in India there was called Poona (a city that was in the western state of Maharashtra and space where it was originally played). According to historians some British saw the game in India and decided to move it to England, fact happened in the year 1. 875. That’s when the Duke of Beaufort is interested in this sport because it is often practiced on his country estate Gloucestershire.

Shortly after in year 1. 890 is carried and stable in the United States also in the Canadian country. In this way, the first National Badminton Association was created in the US territory in the year 1895. At that time, certain rules of the game were established and unified, after which the first men’s tournament in England was held at 1. 899 and then the first women’s tournament in the year 1,900.

Thus Badminton was established in determining countries, in Canada the Badminton Association was created in 1. 931 and the American Association in 1. 936. It should be noted that the initial tournaments in the United States were held in 1. 937 in the city of Chicago

On the other hand, different countries came together to create the International Badminton Federation, so this sport became stronger and marked great determination in the population, contributing in the same way to its expansion. The participating countries were Scotland, Ireland, France, New Zealand, England, Wales, the Netherlands, Denmark and Canada.

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